Where you can find our products

You can always find our products in our online store at thedavidsonco.com .  But our products are also available in a number of shops check out the list below.

The first shop to carry our products was Hair Club 4 Men 

The are located in Cardigan,  West Wales in the UK.  We were happy that they were the first barbershop to carry our products.  If you are in Cardigan, go check out their new shop and be sure to ask for Anthony.

The Second Shop to Carry our products is Walker's Barber Shop located at Walker's Line and Upper Middle in Burlington, On.  If you stop in be sure to ask for Maurice.

Third was Khrono's Barbershop at Guelph Line and Mountainside in Burlington.  Juan is great guy be sure to stop in and say hey.


Our products are now also available in London On.

They are available at Rocky's Barber Shop in Westmount mall.  Ask for Mike.


And our latest shop carrying our products is United Kutz, on King St.  If you stop in and ask for Matt.

We look forward to telling you about more shops that carry our products.  If you are a barber wanting to learn more about our products contact us at thedavidsoncocanada@gmail.com

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