The Itchy Beard

One of the biggest complaints regarding growing a majestic beard is the itch.  No one likes the constant itch that inevitably comes from facial hair, beards, moustaches, to the 5 o'clock shadow.  

You might not see the skin because the beard is covering it, but your facial skin can get very dry. That will make it itch more and affect how your facial hair grows.

When you are done washing the dead skin from your face, whether in the morning shower or before you go to bed, the products you use (i.e.. soap and body wash) will also take some of the skin’s essential oils.  It is very important that you use a beard oil to replenish the oils your face needs to keep the itch and irritation away.  Not only will these oils ease your itch, they will also leave your skin and facial hair healthy and strong.  For the beardsman it will complete the epic look you've started.

Kent Place, Summers Ave. and Riverside Dr. beard oils provide the relief you need for your face every day while leaving the fresh scent you love on your skin.


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