Kent Place Beard and Shave Oil - 30 mL

Kent Place Beard and Shave Oil - 30 mL

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For those who live for their morning, afternoon or evening coffee, Kent Place is for you.  Allow the scent to first clear your nostrils to make way for that fresh ground coffee scent you love.  Our desire with Kent is to give you what you love, coffee, whenever you need it.  For the Urban beard, the freshly shaven or the woodsman, Coffee is a staple in so many lives.  Allow Kent to perk you up when needed and freshen your skin all day.


As with all our scents the products we use are aimed to improve the health of your skin and facial hair as the oil fights acne, eczema, in grown hairs and of course moisturizes and conditions your magnificent facial hair, and face.  We also only use the best oils which include Hemp, Sweet Almond, and Cherry Kernel as our carrier oils, and our special blend of all natural essential oils for scent.

Available in 5ml and 30ml bottles. 

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