About Us

With roots beginning from Scotland to the Rideau Valley, to Kapuskasing back down to the frantic life of the Greater Toronto Area, the Davidson heritage has always thrived amongst the influence of their surroundings.


The highlands of Scotland birthed the Davidson name and in the 1700’s Captain Peter Davidson brought his family to settle in the Rideau Valley near Ottawa. There as a farmer, his family flourished and his home on the Rideau river was the armory for the village there during the Fenian raids during the American civil war. Cpt. Davidson here started the first family business. Farming not his only means of business, he also erected the first “sugar shack”, tapping the trees on his land for the maple syrup they provided. The sugar shack became a family tradition, as did the farm. For generations the sugar shack was a source of income, and into the second half of the 20th century the tradition continued. The woods of the Davidson farm fall silent now as the sugar shack has been abandoned and the family business fell silent.


Jonathan and Adam Davidson, born in Kapuskasing, Ontario grew up knowing the family story and heritage of the family business at the sugar shack. Years down the road, Jonathan and Adam, now living in the GTA, decided it was time to resurrect the family business. The Davidson Co. was reborn in the spring of 2015 with the creation of an all natural beard oil and pre-shave oil. The Davidson Co strives to make quality products behind a strong family heritage. Holding the Davidson Clan crest as our logo and our family story as our foundation, we strive to make consistent grooming products, starting with oils we desire to someday meet all your grooming needs. Welcome to the Davidson Clan!